• How can I contact you?

    With the exception of telepathy, there’s lots of ways to contact us: Hours: 9-5 Mon-Friday Phone: Just call 215-546-5870 Fax: 215-735-1670 Email: info@chinaherbco.com

  • I am a licensed practitioner, How do I place an order?

    First, register on the practitioners portal on the website. You’ll be sent a user name and password. We’ll need a copy of your license to confirm that you’ll receive wholesale pricing. You can securely order online through the web store 24 hours a day.

  • I am not a licensed practitioner: how can I order herbs?

    China Herb Company wants to support your health and we also want to support your curiosity about Chinese Herbology. We don’t want to support self-diagnosis or self-prescribing Chinese Herbs because we are sticklers for safety. Need a formula but don’t know what to take? Let us know where you live. We’d love to refer you to a licensed practitioner in your area. Meanwhile, enjoy the China Herb and Six Fishes Formulas products available to the general public. These include kits to make topical preparations, prenatal vitamins, kits to make medicinal elixirs, and a few formulas for internal use that are generally safe for all populations.

  • How do I order multiple bags of raw herb formulas online?

    Our system can't recognize multiple bags of herbs. When ordering raw herb formulas, put the total weight in the order field. Then, before you check out, just leave us note in the special instructions field, right below the order form letting us know how many bags you want. So, if you want 4 bags with 10 grams of 10 herbs then order 40 grams of each and leave a note indicating that you want 4 bags total.

  • When will my order be shipped?

    We strive to ship orders received by 12 pm Eastern Standard Time within the same day. Most orders shipped to addresses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and parts of Virginia usually reach their destination the next day.

  • How will my order be shipped?

    We ship most orders using UPS. To expedite delivery we can ship using 3 day, 2 day or next business day delivery. We use USPS for addresses that cannot receive UPS deliveries. Second day and overnight delivery is available in the continental USA. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges.

  • Does China Herb Company ship outside of the U.S.?

    The answer is maybe. We can sometimes accommodate requests for international delivery. Before placing an order, please email us at info@chinaherbco.com or call 215-546-5870 with any inquiries regarding international shipping and billing.

  • Can you drop ship to my patient?

    Oh yes! We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Let us drop ship directly to your patient at no extra charge and charge them directly to save you time and paperwork. By simply giving your patient our number, you can let them arrange with us for shipping. Payment for this drop ship service must be made credit card in advance.

  • How much is shipping and handling?

    Most ground shipments are $9.95. However, shipping charges may vary, depending on the weight of the shipment, the location it is being shipped to (rural areas may include extra charges), and the shipping method selected. Orders over $150 receive free shipping

  • What if my product is out of stock?

    We do our best to keep all our products in stock, but it is not always possible. If the formula you want is out of stock, there are 3 options: you can wait until we have the product in stock again; you can order the same formula in another form. If we don't have it in liquid, then perhaps we can make in granule or raw forms for you; you can order a similar product; we can custom build the formula for you from our stock. We’ll never charge a backordered product until it is shipped.

  • Can I reorder from China Herb Company for my patients?

    All patients are entered into our database for a quick and easy reordering. If you've ordered online, then you can easily reorder the same formula as it will be saved in your order history.

  • Can my patient order directly from China Herb Company?

    We know that you are in charge of your patients care. Formulas can never be refilled without your direct authorization.

  • Which payment methods are accepted by China Herb Company?

    All online orders are prepaid with credit cards. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Orders that are picked up from the dispensary can be paid with credit card, personal check, or cash. promises to bend over backwards and warp the space-time continuum to return your call or email on the same day. Please call (215) 546-5870 or email us at info@chinaherbco.com if you have any inquiries.

  • I'm a beginner; Can you need help me write my formula?

    No problem! Cara has been in practice for over 30 years and is an experienced educator. If you need assistance writing your formulas, she is happy to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have. Please note that Cara maintains a busy schedule and may not be available on short notice. She promises to bend over backwards and warp the space-time continuum to return your call or email on the same day. Please call (215) 546-5870 or email us at info@chinaherbco.com if you have any inquiries.

  • Where does China Herb Company source their herbs?

    China Herb Company makes every effort to insure the safety of our herbs. We select companies that test for bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, molds and fungus. Whenever possible, we avoid the use of herbs treated with sulfites. We purchase our herbs from companies that use the true species, and not common substitutes. We do not sell any herb or medicinal that is on the CITES endangered species list. We source the majority of our herbs from three reputable companies: Spring Wind Herbs, NuHerb and Asia Natural.

  • How else do you insure safety?

    China Herb Company maintains a batch-tracking database that records which shipments of herbs have been used in which formulas on certain dates. We also store samples of each herb for 7 years to insure that in the event of an adverse reaction, we are be able to trace the source of the problem. We are proud that in over 20 years, we have never had even one reported adverse reaction or batch contamination.

  • I love deals: How can I get a discount?

    We offer discounts for online orders only. New to China Herb Company? Enjoy a first time discount of 10%. Because we are in Pennsylvania, we love supporting our local Acupuncture organization: The Association for Professional Acupuncturist of PA. When you join, China Herb Company will send you coupons to use towards future purchases equal to the amount your membership cost! Discounts are offered for purchases of larger quantities of Liquid formulas:QUANTITY DISCOUNTS Quantity discounts are available for the liquid formulas. Discounts apply to standard formulas only. These discounts are not available for custom blended formulas except for gallon and half gallon orders. 16 oz.- 5% 32 oz.- 10% 128 oz-20% Want to save more? Orders over $150 receive free shipping

  • Does China Herb Company offer discounts on custom formulas?

    We wish we could offer discounts on custom formulas, but alas, there’s too much labor involved.

  • Is it possible to receive a sample of your herbs before I buy them?

    Yes! We are happy to send you a small sample. Just call the dispensary directly at 215-546-5870, tell us the formula that you’d like to sample and we’ll send it right to you.

  • What are your return, refund and exchange policies?

    All returns must be unopened. Unopened bottle of herbs may be returned within 30 days, subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. All returns must be authorized by China Herb Company. Please call first. All custom herb formula sales are final. This applies to raw, granule and liquid formulas. There are no refunds or exchanges unless there is error on the part of China Herb Company. If a product is defective, it must be reported within 14 calendar days of receipt. China Herb Company agrees to replace all defective items. Shipping charges on returns are not refunded.