Our Commitment to Custom Formulations

China Herb believes that the power of Chinese Herbology lies in its tradition of modifying formulas to match a persons constitution.

We fill custom orders for hundreds of practitioners across the United States. Our service makes it possible for practitioners to prescribe custom formulas for their patients. We encourage and support herbalists who wish to use Chinese Medicine to its fullest extent by writing personalized formulas, combining formulas, or making additions to classical formulas, of which we keep an inventory. To facilitate this, we offer free consultations to practitioners who might benefit from further guidance regarding traditional Chinese herbal remedies.

There are several advantages to using China Herb Company. We provide you and your patients with the precise formulas that you may require. There is no mixing or matching of herbs and nothing extra or unnecessary. When you place an order with China Herb Company, you can be assured that your formula elegantly contains only what is necessary.

Liquid extracts and raw herb decoctions are the most absorbable forms of herbs. This is because liquids bypass the digestive process and are absorbed quickly and easily. Tea made from raw herbs is often the best treatment, but many patients resist preparing raw herbs because it’s messy and time consuming.  Our liquid extracts are so fresh that they save you the time of cooking, and ensure that patients comply with their treatment plan.

You can order a custom formula from us in a size as little as 4 ounces [which is an 8-day supply]. We provide herbs in bulk form as well as in custom prescriptions. Our prescription service has sent herbs to many places where they had been previously unavailable. Many find our drop shipping service very convenient. Ordering instructions are detailed on the ordering page of this web site.

Our Liquid Extracts

Our Liquid Extracts are made for us by cc13 Herbs Inc. We carry a full pharmacy of classical formulas and single herbs. We also carry 20 house formulas.  Our prices are $4.00 per ounce for stock formulas and $4.50 per ounce for custom prescription and single herbs.

Our Raw Herbs

We have over 400 herbs in our pharmacy. Our herbs are all sulfite free and, when possible, pesticide free. We use only the true herbs and we accept no substitutes. We provide herbs in bulk form as well as custom prescriptions.


China Herb strives to bring you the best quality herbs available. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. We are creating new alliances with herb distributors who support our goals.

China Herb Company is proud to announce that We are using Nuherbs Company as our supplier for your raw herb needs. We've chosen Nuherbs because of their commitment to quality and passion for Chinese Medicine, which matches ours. We can now provide you and your patients with Geo-Authentic herbs  These herbs are checked for proper growing conditions such as soil consistently and humidity to insure the active ingredients are at their peak. To insure the safety of our products, herbs are chosen at random for quality and testing, which includes testing for micro-bacteria; heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, and are also tested for over 200 Pesticides.

China Herb has instituted our own batch tracking and labeling system. Batch tracking allows us to follow an individual herb from the time we receive it until it reaches your patients' stove. Our new Labeling system will allow your patients to see the formula ingredients list right on the label.

Our liquid extracts are made from the same high quality raw herbs.  They are made in small batches to insure maximum freshness. The only additive is a minimal 20% alcohol, which is still the best natural preservative. The liquid extracts are thick and syrupy without glycerin or sweeteners of any kind. We believe they are the freshest and the most potent extracts available. No extra additives means there are more herbs per ounce. This is one of the reasons why our unique water extracts achieve such a high level of potency.

Claim Liability: The China Herb Company guarantees the quality of its products, but does not take responsibility for their application. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Notice: While we guarantee the quality of our products, we do not take responsibility for their application. China Herb Company does not sell to the general public. For this reason all orders must be placed by a licensed practitioner.