Chinese Herbs

A Love Story

chinese herbs a love story
Cara Frank, CHC Founder in Ho Chi Minh City's Museum of Traditional Medicine

In 1988, while studying at the Xi Yuan hospital in Beijing, Cara Frank fell in love with Chinese herbal medicine. Returning to the U.S., she wasted no time building a personal herb dispensary.
Soon, other acupuncturists began asking Cara to fill formulas for their clients, and she quickly saw the need for a high quality, full service dispensary that honors the traditions of Chinese herbology. In 1991 she founded China Herb Company. Today, as the first mail order Chinese herb dispensary in the U.S., China Herb Company is a committed advocate of the tradition of custom written herbal formulas.

Why Use China Herb Company?


We fill custom orders for hundreds of practitioners across the U.S. and we support herbalists who use Chinese medicine to write any type of personalized, combined or classical formula.


We love the satisfaction of giving patients exactly what they need to support their health and we we know you do too.  That's why we offer free consultations to practitioners in Chinese formula writing. Contact us for support. 


When you place an order with China Herb Company, be assured your formula made with precise care. We use authentic plant species and avoid substitutions.


Most formulas are available in liquid extracts, granule and raw herb decoction, insuring compliance with your herb regime. We'll shop directly to you or your patient.

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