Announcing our New Little Fishes Children’s Herbal Baths!

We are so excited to announce that we’ve created a whole new (but old ) way help children. We’ve 3 new New Little Fishes Children’s Herbal Baths to help your little one feel their best.

Why use herbs a bath? Because the skin is absorbent and it’s a wonderful, and easy way to manage simple childhood complaints. Especially for babies, where it may be difficult to administer an herb formula, or even to compliment the herbal formulas they’re already taking.

We’ve combined Chinese herb’s with either soothing, organic, gluten-free oatmeal or relaxing Epsom salts. They dissolve easily and won’t clog your plumbing!

Just add them to your bath water, insert a kid and a couple of toys and soak!

Each package contains enough for 4-8 baths.

Fever Bath

This bath combines Epsom salts with traditional anti-febrile herbs to help cool down your little one quickly.

Here’s a happy picture of our friend Ava, who was burning up with a 104 temperature all day. This is her after 10 minutes into her bath.

Itchy Bath

Lucky for us, Chinese herbology has so many herbs that help alleviate the itching associated with rashes and eczema. Because itching is maddening, we’ve added spirit calming herbs too. The herbs are combined with soothing organic oatmeal to help heal red raw skin

Sleepy Bath

Some kids, like my daughter, just cannot settle down at night. Our bath helps alleviate restlessness and regulate their nervous systems, naturally using classical Chinese herb formulas to them help calm them down and encourage peaceful sleep.

Bath’s come in 8 oz or 16 oz sizes and can be used daily.

You can order your the baths right here

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