Learn How to Treats Kids – Awesome Pediatric Acupuncture Free Training

It’s a startling fact that modern children are sicker than ever! Over 20 million kids in the United States suffer from asthma, allergies, autism or ADHD!

And when it comes to coughs, colds, and ear infections there isn’t much that Western medicine can do, especially when these issues become chronic.

Chinese medicine on the other hand can effectively treat many of these conditions. But, we need more practitioners confidently treating kids.

Imagine how the acupuncture field would change if more kids had access to acupuncturists that worked with kids!

That’s why I’m excited to let you know about an amazing training opportunity where you can learn from the world’s leading pediatric acupuncture experts – It’s called Pediatric Pearls Week!

Pediatric Pearls Week is a unique opportunity to train with 10 of the world’s leading pediatric acupuncture experts! They’ll be sharing practical, concise pearls of wisdom that you’ll be able to use in your clinic right away.

This online training event, hosted by pediatric acupuncture expert, Robin Ray Green, runs from Monday, June 5th to June 10th!

And the best part is it’s FREE!

Here’s the link to register

Hope to see you there!