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Free yourself to focus on your practice and let us handle the complexity of compounding your custom formulas.

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CHC Pro members get free, exclusive access to HerbScript Pro, our secure hassle-free app to build formulas and keep track of patients.

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Access to HerbScript Pro
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Choose from Over 500 Granules, Tinctures, and Raw Herbs.
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Your Formulas Precisely Compounded with Quality Herbs
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Your Own Herbal Pharmacy in 5 Easy Steps

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Quality Herbs,

From Farm to Formula.

Authentic Pure Herbs


Every herb is inspected for proper identification, quality, and geo-authenticity.

Safety Precautions are taken for all herbs.


Herbs tested for sulfites, heavy metals, pesticide residues, and microbial contamination.

No Endangered Species used at China Herb company


Strict adherence to CITES. You'll never find endangered species in our dispensary.