Capsule Services

By popular demand: capsule services!

Sometimes patients won’t take herbs that they have to taste. Let’s face it- the herbs that get into your patients are the herbs that work best. 

No worries! After exhaustive research, We finally purchased a semi-automatic capsule maker.

How to get started

We can only make batches of 200 size 0 capsules. 

  • These hold approximately .75 mgs. 
  • When you write your formula, set the total quantity to 150 grams. You can also order any multiple of 150 grams.

Log into your HerbScript Pro account.

When you create your formula, just set the total amount to 150 grams.

Make certain to check the box indicating you’d like your formula encapsulated, and you’re good to go!

Need a hand getting started? Call, email, or even text us.

We’re happy to help you!


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