Liquid Concentrates

low alcohol Classical formulas

Hand Crafted with Love. All the Qi of Raw Herbs

Formulas from Every Chinese Tradition

You’ll love how effective they are. Your patients will love how convenient they are.  

Eight pounds of herbs go into every gallon of our water based concentrates.

With only 20% alcohol added to preserve them.

Stock your practice to give to patients, or custom modify them by ordering through HerbScriptPro

*Formulas are available in 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 oz bottles. Contact us directly for larger quantities
Patent Formulas

Your favorite patents in concentrate!

We’ve made three of the most popular prepared formulas. When you want results fast, you want a formula you don’t have to digest.

Concentrates are in your system in minutes. And frankly, we think they work better.

Why? Fragrance.

Smelling and tasting is the medicine. 

All formulas a-z

Filter formulas alphabetically. Sections are sorted by the first word of the Pinyin name. Click a label to expand and see more info.






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