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TCM Kindergarden: Ban Xia and Chen Pi

      We had an Instagram- Facebook Contest a few weeks ago. I posted a query about Ban Xia and Chen Pi. How many formulas can you name with these two herbs, who are great friends. My first herb teacher taught that ban xia and chen pi were the best pair for anything with…

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TCM Kindergarten: Jie Geng and Zhi Ke. An amazing pair to open the chest

How do we know for sure what patterns a formula treats? By understanding its construction. All formulas contain a specific architecture for herbal relationships based on actions and flavors. Learning to see these pairs ( and sometimes triplets) helps us to easily gain insight into what’s happening inside an herbal formula. Yesterday I did a…

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The New Improved Herb ID Kit is here!

Mastering the complexities of Chinese herbology is easier when you study with China Herb Company. Cara O. Frank L.OM, a Chinese herbology teacher for over 25 years, knows that successful students immerse their senses in herbology. So she’s designed easy- to-use Chinese Herb ID kits that are indispensable tools for learning. We make it simple…

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