Chinese Herbal Strategies for Treating Corona Virus

I can hardly believe that I hosted a Facebook Live lecture on 2/5/20. The focus was on what we knew then about the staging and treatment of Corona Virus using Chinese herbal medicine. Now, 7 whole months later, we’ve learned so much more.

Announcing Dr. Wang’s Fertility Formulas!

SUPPORTING OVARIAN RESERVE WITH CHINESE MEDICINE China Herb Company is deeply honored to support the clinical work of Dr. Ann Wang, the President of Treasure of the East. Dr Wang has extensive experience treating female and male infertility. Here, she shares her knowledge of Supporting Ovarian Reserve with Chinese Medicine in the summer 2019 issue of […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine Breakthrough for Asthma & Cough

By Cara Frank, L.OM & Robin Ray Green, L.Ac., MTCM Cara Frank, L.OM., Acupuncturist, Herbalist and founder of China Herb Company, has recently partnered with Robin Ray Green, L.Ac, MTCM, author, educator, and leading pediatric acupuncture expert. Together they have created a new line of formulas for children’s respiratory care to address one of the […]

Bi Choo-The Cedar Fever Easer

Bi Choo For Sniveling Sneeze Bi Choo is based on Professor Tan Jing-Shu’s Wēn Yáng Qū Fēng Tāng (Yang-Warming and Wind-Dispelling Decoction) and combines the treatment principles of dispelling wind-cold, warming and tonifying the kidney yang, nourishing the kidney yin, stopping pain and stabilizing the defensive qi. Best of all- it’s stimulant-free! The formula intelligently repurposes classical […]

Cara’s Featured on the PinPoint Performance Podcast

Why? Because we love alliteration! No, seriously, Cara is honored that Chad Bong has interviewed her to discuss Chinese herbs, injuries, and other topics. Part One is live and you can listen here: To celebrate, we’re having a sale! Our best selling formulas for injury management are 20% off until 9/15/15

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