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Announcing our New Little Fishes Children’s Herbal Baths!

We are so excited to announce that we’ve created a whole new (but old ) way help children. We’ve 3 new New Little Fishes Children’s Herbal Baths to help your little one feel their best. Why use herbs a bath? Because the skin is absorbent and it’s a wonderful, and easy way to manage simple…

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Short PDF on using Chinese herbs to treat fractures

Yesterday I had the privilege of being a featured speaker and the first annual Sports Acupuncture Alliance. The topics I covered included the treatment of neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and piriformis syndrome. I had worked on my handout for months and the topic evolved. One section that I omitted was the treatment of fractures.…

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Cara's Featured on the PinPoint Performance Podcast

Why? Because we love alliteration! No, seriously, Cara is honored that Chad Bong has interviewed her to discuss Chinese herbs, injuries, and other topics. Part One is live and you can listen here: To celebrate, we’re having a sale! Our best selling formulas for injury management are 20% off until 9/15/15

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