Announcing Dr. Wang’s Fertility Formulas!

SUPPORTING OVARIAN RESERVE WITH CHINESE MEDICINE China Herb Company is deeply honored to support the clinical work of Dr. Ann Wang, the President of Treasure of the East. Dr Wang has extensive experience treating female and male infertility. Here, she shares her knowledge of Supporting Ovarian Reserve with Chinese Medicine in the summer 2019 issue of…

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TCM Kindergarden: Ban Xia and Chen Pi

      We had an Instagram- Facebook Contest a few weeks ago. I posted a query about Ban Xia and Chen Pi. How many formulas can you name with these two herbs, who are great friends. My first herb teacher taught that ban xia and chen pi were the best pair for anything with…

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Part II of Chad Bong's Pinpoint Performance Podcast

More great info on using herbs for sports injuries. Listen Here. We hope you enjoy the episode! In case you missed the first episode, you can catch it here Want to learn more about Chinese Herbs for training and injury? Check out our collection of formulas to help you train stronger and recover better    

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