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“I’m Excited About Custom Formulas Again!”

Acupuncturists (and other TCM Practitioners) shouldn’t worry about the nitty-gritty of compounding patient formulas. Many of our members tell us that they have re-discovered the art of custom formulas and have seen dramatic results: for their patients and their practice.

Full Access to HerbScript Pro; Exclusive providers of Six Fishes and Little Fishes Formulas
Professional Accounts Only. Yup- we vet every customer.
Hundreds of Herbs and Formulas made from safe, tested herbs
Custom Compounding Raw, Liquid or Concentrate
Upload your own logo and set your preferences for English, Latin, Pin-Yin and Chinese
Option to Set a Mark-up and Earn Money. How Zen is that?

Maintaining your own herb dispensary is hard.

Managing Inventory, transparent labeling, not to mention the time it takes!

Why bother? 

Let China Herb do all the heavy lifting of filling herb formulas and free yourself to focus on what matters most: your patients. 

HerbScript Pro members get free, exclusive access to our secure hassle-free app to build formulas and keep track of patients.

And we’re HIPAA and PCI compliant

Cara Frank, founder of China Herb Co. and Six Fishes Accupuncture in Philadelphia, PA

As a CHC Pro member, you’ll get access to wholesale pricing on dozens of our widely used in-house China Herb Company formulas, Cara’s Six Fishes formulas, or build your own from over 500 herbs, tinctures, and granules.


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