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TCM Kindergarten: Jie Geng and Zhi Ke. An amazing pair to open the chest

How do we know for sure what patterns a formula treats? By understanding its construction. All formulas contain a specific architecture for herbal relationships based on actions and flavors. Learning to see these pairs ( and sometimes triplets) helps us to easily gain insight into what’s happening inside an herbal formula. Yesterday I did a…

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A Rose is a Rose: How we use roses in Chinese Medicine

A Rose Is A Rose Cara O. Frank, L.OM. Valentine’s day has come and gone. But it got me thinking about the roses we use in Chinese herbal medicine. There are 3 roses that are generally taught in Chinese herbal programs: Two are flowers and one is a rose hip. Méi Gui Huā 玫瑰花 Flos Rosae…

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