Mantis Dreams

Wi Zi Yan Zong Wan from 1988

Five seeds for nourishing one’s ancestors. They taught me that it nourishes the Kidney Qi- not warm, not cool. A Goldilocks of Kidney tonics.

Using Herbs That Clear Heat To Calm The Spirit

For many years I’ve used cool and cold herbs and formulas to treat patients with anxiety, agitation and insomnia. A recent discussion online about the terms we use to describe anxiety and vexation led me to revisit this piece I wrote in 2013. It’s long been an academic and clinical preoccupation of mine. I was […]

Study with Top Fertilty Experts from CHina

China Herb Company has partnered with Treasure of the East and the World Chinese Medicine Forum for a series of 5 amazing lectures THE WHOLE SERIES IS ONLY $200   WORTH 10 PDA CREDITS  CHINA HERB CUSTOMERS CAN GET 50% OFF!   USE THE CODE 3BRANCHES WHEN REGISTERING! The whole series is only $200 and  […]

Formulas that clear Summerheat

Summer is here, and it is hot. Let’s talk about formulas that clear Summerheat.    Cara O. Frank, L.OM.     If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice a pattern in my writing: I’ve been preoccupied with iterations of heat clearing herbs and formulas for a decade. My attention has evolved this year towards restoration: Recently, […]

Summer’s Here; Time for San Fu Moxa

This year, on July 11th, 21st, 31st, and August 10th, acupuncturists around the globe use San Fu Moxa to help prevent respiratory illness for the following winter.

Cicada’s are Medicine

After 17 years, Cicadas are emerging with a synchronous racket. These prehistoric insects live for only 2 weeks and for me, it’s the sound of summer. In Chinese medicine, we use cicada molting as medicine. Chán tuì in Chinese, is special in that it’s one of the few medicinals that treats both internal and external […]

It’s Women’s History Month- Let’s talk about Si Wu Tang

We’re celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring formulas for Women! I always say: Chinese Medicine is God’s gift to women. I was thinking about the core building block of Blood formulas: Si Wu Tang- Four Substance Decoction. Four herb formulas- and there are many, highlight the core components of formula architecture: These four herbs are […]

Hiding in Plain Sight: An Appreciation of Zeng Ye Tang

I’m offering it on the new membership only learning platform White Pine Circle. This is an outgrowth of Sharon Weizenbaum’s White Pine Graduate Mentorship program and is a rich resource for all students of East Asian Medicine. Learn at your own pace or join a course. Take advantage of the free lectures.  A special area of […]

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