Custom Compounded HErb Formulas

The Gold Standard of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Nothing matches the precision or quality of a custom written formula.  When your patients health matters, it’s best to be precise.

Custom formulas are the foundational backbone ofChina Herb Company and that’s why you rely on us. Write your formula in raw, liquid concentrate or 5:1 granules. Our HerbScript Pro online dispensary is HIPAA compliant. You can send your patient a payment link for drop-shipping. You can even let them re-order the same formula!

And don’t worry if you can’t figure out how to convert a raw formula to liquid or granule- our system does it for you!

Our herbs are tested for bacteria, heavy metals, pesticide residues and more, so you know your formula is both safe and effective.

Don't burden your patients with daily cooking!
Use china Herb's Big bag method

Use China Herb Company’s Big Bag Method and you only need to cook once a week. We’ve updated all our cooking instructions and added a sheet for using a pressure cooker.

Here’s our simple method: We simply triple the daily dose of each herb. The minimum volume you want is about 8 oz of raw material.That’s about 1 ounce daily.  Most of our formulas weigh 450-600 grams.

So let’s say you want to use 12 grams of Dang Gui daily. Triple that to 36 grams and that’s the weekly dose. And no, we don’t multiply it by 6 or 7. We get great clinical results this way. We’ve used this method for over 35 years and we get tremendous compliance. Of course, you’re welcome to use your own method.

Set the number of bags you want, or choose daily dose. HerbScript Pro does all the calculations for you!

Custom granule and liquid concentrates

There’s lots of ways to customize your own formulas.

  • Simplest: Just combine 2 formulas together. There’s a long history if this used in Kampo and Classical Shang Han Lan traditions.
  • Specific: If every formula has gan cao, or fu ling, well, you’ll end up with too much. Start with a core formula and add to that. Or build it from the individual components.

Our HerbScript Pro does the math for you: Just enter the total amount in grams or       ounces and the system converts the proportions exactly how you want them.

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