General FAQ's

Except for telepathy, there are lots of ways to contact us:

    • Hours: 9-5 Mon-Friday
    • Phone or Text: 215-546-5870
    • Fax: 215-772-0770
    • Email: [email protected]

Registration only takes 5 minutes: Head to the practitioner portal on the website. We’ll need your license number and professional website to confirm that you’re a licensed health professional. Once we confirm your credentials, you’ll be sent a username and password. You can securely order custom formulas and products 24 hours a day.

Choose from UPS or USPS. To expedite delivery, we can ship using 3-day, 2-day, or next business day delivery. Note that UPS cannot deliver to address’ with PO Boxes.

Absolutely, yes! This is one of the most convenient features of ordering from China Herb. Take advantage of our drop shipping service and never hassle with patient pick up again.  Plus, there’s never any extra charges for this service.

You sure can. Just save the formula to “my favorites” and repurpose it again and again. And you can even tweak it for each patient so it matches their health concerns perfectly.

In general, no. But also, yes. We sell to licensed practitioners only. You’re in charge of managing your patient’s health concerns. When you place an order for a patient, you have the option of letting them reorder. You can set the number of times they can do this and also set an expiry date.  If you haven’t set them up for automatic refills, then you’ll place the order for them.

No problem! We’re here to help you do your very best. Cara has been in practice for nearly 40 years and is an experienced educator. If you need assistance thinking through a case clearly or writing your formulas, she’s here to offer guidance and answer questions.

You can schedule a time to meet here. Cara’s schedule is busy, and may not be available on short notice. Because of COVID, you may not be able to wait. If this is the case, call or text us. She’ll return your call as soon as possible.

In general, we return most calls, emails and texts within the day. Please email us at [email protected] or call (215) 546-5870 if you have any questions.

Orders received by noon Eastern Standard Time are usually shipped within the same day.

Orders shipped within 100 miles of Philadelphia typically reach their destination the next day.

By all means! We have a contactless pick-up system in the foyer.

Just call or text us first to confirm someone is in the office. 215-546-5870

Due to the global high demand of Chinese herbs, since the Pandemic, the supply chain has been more difficult to manage. While we do our best to keep all our products in stock, it is not always possible. If the formula you want is out of stock, there are three options: you can wait until we have the product in stock again; you can order the same formula in another form. If we don’t have it in liquid, then perhaps we can make in granule or raw forms for you; You can order a similar product; we can custom build the formula from our stock. We’ll never charge a back-ordered product until it is shipped.

Since you’ve entered your patients into our database, reordering is quick and easy. Reorder the same formula, modify it, or create a brand-new recommendation. The system will force you to name the formula, making it easy to keep track of them later. You can even set your preferences to reorder their formulas and send them a link to pay us directly.

All online orders are prepaid with credit cards. We accept all major credit cards). Orders picked up from the dispensary can be paid with a credit card, personal check, or cash.

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