Dr. Wang's three-phase approach for optimizing reproductive health


Based on decades of extensive clinical experience, Treasure of the East founder,  Ann Wang,  developed a unique approach  to reproductive wellness. 

Seamlessly weaving TCM principles with modern research, she’s created formulas for women and men.

Dr. Wang’s Method supports reproductive health by harmonizing the menstrual cycle and the dynamics of blood yin and yang.

The key actions of the collection include:
• Balancing Yin and Yang to tonify qi and calms shen. Supplementing the Kidney, Liver, and Blood, based on basal body temperature and patterns to help improve the implantation rate of fertilized eggs. This helps improve ovarian reserves and poor ovarian response, and at the same time, helps prevent ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Here’s here collection. Learn more by downloading the free guide to her method

phase: Preparation

Phase II: Cycle regulation A

Phase II Cycle regulation B

Phase III Preparation Support

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Check out Dr. Wang’s Full Guide to Using Her Formulas

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