New Product! Womb Warmer

Or should we name it Channel Warmer?

Help me decide and I’ll throw a $10 credit into your account.

Our newest creation: a warming, penetrating topical liquid moxa for folx with uterus’s. It’s like a little bottle of liquid sunshine for your lower belly. 

It’s still in early deevelopmentgive me FEEDBACK! It’s still a prototype. Which means the next batch will be better. 

For years, I’ve taught about the pathologies around the diagnosis of Cold Uterus. In traditional East Asian Medicine, it can cause cramps, infertile and all kinds of menstrual disorders. 

Just apply to the abdomen or low back and shine a TDP lamp. But, this is perfect for home care too! Have your patients use a blow-dryer and feel the tingly warm herbs scatter cold. 

Internally, you might pair it with other warming formulas, like Wen JIng Tang or Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang. 

Which name do you like best? Channel Warmer or Womb Warmer? Drop me a comment and I’ll add $10 credit to your China Herb Account. 

Formula Explanation

Ai Ye: Mugwort, of course

Chuan Hua Jiao: to warm the middle, disperse cold and nourish the ming men

Pao Jiang: Warms and astringent, it enters the liver and spleen. It’s more focused on the lower burner than other gingers.

Wu Zhu Yu: Warms the middle, disperses cold, moves qi and stops pain. 

Xiang Ru: An “off label: application of this exterior releasing herb. Xiang Ru is acrid, fragrant and slightly warm. It mobilizes the yang to dispel pathogenic cold and wind. Here, we are using it to dispel cold pathogens from the lower burner 

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