Wi Zi Yan Zong Wan from 1988

Mantis Dreams

35 years ago, when I was studying in China, I asked the doctors what I should give my fiancé- my first husband. He had shared that he had mumps as a kid and was left sterile.

Every teacher said “Wu Zi Yan Zong Wan”

Five seeds for nourishing one’s ancestors. They taught me that it nourishes the Kidney Qi- not warm, not cool. A Goldilocks of Kidney tonics.

I just renovated my bathroom and am trying so hard to convince myself to part with old- useless herbs. Like the snake extracts I bought in Vietnam. Hey- you never know! It might come in handy one day! 

But this bottle is sentimental. In 1988, after concluding my studies in Bejing, I brought about six of these ceramic bottles home, safely wrapped so they wouldn’t break. Holding it makes me think how lucky I am to have my children. How lucky am I to practice this medicine. 

The formula has five herbs: Gou Qi Zi, Che Qian Zi, Tu Si Zi, Fu Pen Zi, and Wu Wei Zi. I wrote about this formula in my Six Fishes blog on Seed Cycling the Chinese Way. 

Well- 2 kids later, we could say that it worked. 

But moving forward- we also use this formula for men with low sperm count. Seeds, not surprisingly, have an affinity for sperm. And follicles. 

Now- I’ve based my formula Mantis Dreams on Wu Zi Yang Zong Wang. Designed to support kids who are bedwetters, The formula nourishes and stabilizes the kidney qi without being overly heating, cooling, or drying. Mantis Dreams is part of the new Little Fishes Glycerin Formulas.

Of course, I’ve included Sang Piao Xiao. It’s a main medicinal to restrain urine. 

Lian Zi, Qian Shi, and Yi Zhi Ren stabilize the kidneys. 

Huang Qi and Shan Yao strengthen the spleen, lift the qi, and secure the essence. They work along with the Bai Guo to work with the pivot of all 3 burners’ influence on the movement of fluids in the body. 

It’s easy to forget that the secondary action of Ji Nei Jin is to help stop bedwetting. 

Rou Gui, Shan Zhu, Bu Gu Zhi, and Wu Yao support the actions of the whole formula and mildly warm the yang. 

And there you have it- a formula that works across all generations.

And as for the bottle of herbs- I’m keeping it.

You can order Mantis Dreams right here.

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