How to Apply San Huang San

We thought you might enjoy this short video of me applying San Huang San to my sprained ankle.

San Huang San is a traditional formula that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. Most of us like to call it herbal ice because it’s so effective at reducing swelling inflammation, swelling, bruising and pain in acute injuries.

San Huang San is easy to apply.  I like to mix equal parts egg white with the ground herbs until you have a muddy texture. Some people prefer to combine the herbs with an oily base, like petroleum jelly or sesame oil.  Then just apply the mixture directly on the bruised or inflamed area and wrap with a bandage or plastic wrap.  The mixture can be left on for up to 24 hours before changing it.  This can be repeated for up to three days.

Avoid contact with your clothing, as the formula can stain.

You can order San Huang San from China Herb directly. Directions for application are right on the back label.

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