TCM Kindergarden: Ban Xia and Chen Pi




We had an Instagram- Facebook Contest a few weeks ago. I posted a query about Ban Xia and Chen Pi.
How many formulas can you name with these two herbs, who are great friends.

My first herb teacher taught that ban xia and chen pi were the best pair for anything with a coated tongue. And pretty much, he’s right. We love this pair for all patterns involving phlegm-damp. It forms the core of Er Chen Tang which folds into so many other formulas.

It alleviates nausea, and is included in formulas for coughs, digestive disorders and even anxiety.
There’s well over 30 formulas with these two herb buddies. I’m posting formulas here that we have labels prepared.
How many more ban xia/chen pi formulas can you name? Each unique formula mentioned wins you a $20 credit in your account to our HerbScriptPro, China Herb’s amazing online ordering system. use that money to order classic formulas, Six Fishes and Little Fishes formulas, foot soaks, or write your own custom formula and have it shipped right to your patient! Make sure to register for a professional account. Use the code ILOVEHERBS and receive 20% off your first order! 

Er Chen Tang

Qing Qi Hua Tang Wan

Wu Ji San

Xing Su San

Liu Jun Zi Tang

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang

Wen Dan Tang


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