Chinese Herbal Strategies for Treating Corona Virus

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I can hardly believe that I hosted a Facebook Live lecture on 2/5/20. The focus was on what we knew then about the staging and treatment of Corona Virus using Chinese herbal medicine. Now, 7 whole months later, we’ve learned so much more. We now think about the disease as a blood level disease, as evidenced by the excessive clotting in autopsies. Further, our work is now centered on the recovery from COVID. Here, there are wide ranging presentations. Cyclic fevers, low oxygen levels, profound fatigue.

Back in the wintertime, I worked hard to disseminate the information based on what the global community of East Asian Medicine practitioners has been sharing. We hope that you find it helpful. The content is still relevant.

You can order the formulas on our HerbScript Pro in granule, raw and liquid form. At this point, with no end to the pandemic in sight, it’s important to prepare your practice by having these formulas on hand.

Watch a replay here

Download the Handout

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