New Formula in Stock! San Ren Tang- Three Kernel Decoction

San Ren Tang

We’re so happy that San Ren Tang has renewed interest. It’s an extraordinary formula.

San Ren refers to 3 nuts or, we like to call it 3 kernels, decoction

First recorded in the Wen Bing, it’s actions are to open the qi mechanisms in all three burners, clear damp heat and disseminate qi.

A general symptom presentation might include headache, chills, afternoon feverishness and a heavy and achey sensations in the body.

Rather than attacking the pathogen, the formula works with the body’s qi dynamic. So, it includes herbs that speak to every burner:

Starting with the upper; Xing Ren opens the lungs so they descend and disperse as per their normal movement.

Bai Dou Kou awakens the spleen and transforms turbid dampness. And it supports the lungs by opening the qi.

Yi Yi Ren drains damp through the urine and it also supports the spleen qi

Three deputy’s drain damp and heat: dan zhu ye, tong cao, and hua shi.

Ban Xia and Hou Po support the middle burner to reduce swelling and distention.

Like many Wen Bing Formulas- it excels at utilizing the dynamic movement of fragrance- a sixth “taste” as it were. We applied these principles to our PND formula. Because you just can’t reach deep sinus obstruction if you don’t leverage the power of fragrant herbs.

It is any wonder that that this formula has been used widely wince the onset of COVID? COVID is considered a disease of damp warmth and the symptom presentation often matches.

As long as the pattern matches, the formula can be used flexibly in so many ways” joint pain, morning sickness, fibromyalgia, flu.

Check out ours- It’s nearly as if you cooked it fresh it’s so bright and clear.

You can order 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 ounce bottles. Would you like larger quantities? Call us for discounts on gallons

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